Best gifts for friendship’s day

Thispost is about the top gifts you can send to your friends to show them how much you care.

Gone are the days of just tying bands to express you love, as social distancing continues, pick one of these options instead. Click on the pictures for more information.

  • HONOR band 5: this full colour AMOLED touchscreen watch comes with SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) monitor, Music Control, Watch Faces Store and up to 14 Day Battery Life. Get it here:
  • Catan board game: help your friend pass quarantine by engrossing them in this highly competitive board game. get it here:
  • meat up, chicken flavour dog treats. as the famous saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend. treat your little buddy with these biscuits. get them here:
  • Miniso cat ears head wrap: is wrap is not only cute but is the perfect accessory for those with skincare routines and those who adore cats.
  • Ikigai: the Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life: surprise your friends with a calming and refreshing read.
  • Des Tongs Men’s Flip Flops: the key to comfort is good footwear, delight your friends with their most comfortable pair yet

I hope you enjoyed these gift suggestions! Share with your friends if you would like any of these. Goodbye!

Intro to Little Lists

This post explains my motivations to start this blog and what I hope to achieve by writing these posts.

Making lists always have a way of calming me down. It makes me feel that I am prepared and that I am aware of myself. This is my first blog so I have chosen something that I do very often. Whether it is a playlist, top 10 or a best list, I love to organise and sort things. The flow of short passages of sufficient but new information is very pleasing.

I will be researching my topics and suggestions as I aim to provide enough details and particulars about everything I write about. I should add that the Little in Little Lists is just to add a cute flair of alliteration, my lists will be brief but full of needed information. As I am student, its never too bad to polish my research and perception skills.

Why blogging?

  • Because my audience can find new experiences, products or information from reading my blog
  • Because it will help me develop my research and writing skills. I hope it helps me evolve and learn with time.

What will I blog about?

  • Health and Living
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Travel and hotels
  • Food products
  • Music
  • Popculture
  • Artwork and social media accounts

With this blog I hope that I start articulating my ideas and suggestions in a better manner. Along the way, I would love to connect with as many people who have different ideas. Despite the fact that I am blogging anonymously, I wish to bring meaningful (maybe not always) experiences through this process. Nonetheless, I do hope this is entertaining for all parties involved.

With this, I start my blogging journey. Cheers!