Fresh, Organic Produce delivery in India

With the growing shift in sustainable and organic farming, farm to door delivery services for chemical free groceries are popping up.

Today I’m going to list some of these healthy grocery options for those in India craving nutrition dense fruits and vegetables at home. Most of these farms are not limited to growing produce, some even make their own organic ghee, oils, granola and even kombucha.

It is not uncommon to be curious about the journey your food has taken. It is also widespread knowledge now that chemical fertilisers and GMO seeds harm the ecosystem and are not the best for nutritious and green food. We know that artificial additives should be avoided wherever possible. Environment friendly practices are appreciated by many adopting this way of healthier and tastier living.

Most of these green options only deliver to bigger metropolitan cities, but I’m sure with time you will be seeing these services in every city.

I have found these online so I’ll be listing their profiles, in addition is it the preferred way of taking orders for most. I should also make clear that I am not affiliated with these organisations in any way and this post is not sponsored.

Here we go:

Krishi Cress Farm, Delhi NCR

Kaze living, Delhi NCR

Zama organics, Mumbai

Nourish organics, Gurgaon

Nature’s Soul, Delhi NCR


Adya organics, Dehradun


Fresh India organics, Mumbai


Farmonics, Delhi


Out of all this farm fresh food, I am most excited to try organic herbs like basil, micro greens and edible flowers. I hope you enjoy this post, feel free to give feedback and share. Ciao!