Intro to Little Lists

This post explains my motivations to start this blog and what I hope to achieve by writing these posts.

Making lists always have a way of calming me down. It makes me feel that I am prepared and that I am aware of myself. This is my first blog so I have chosen something that I do very often. Whether it is a playlist, top 10 or a best list, I love to organise and sort things. The flow of short passages of sufficient but new information is very pleasing.

I will be researching my topics and suggestions as I aim to provide enough details and particulars about everything I write about. I should add that the Little in Little Lists is just to add a cute flair of alliteration, my lists will be brief but full of needed information. As I am student, its never too bad to polish my research and perception skills.

Why blogging?

  • Because my audience can find new experiences, products or information from reading my blog
  • Because it will help me develop my research and writing skills. I hope it helps me evolve and learn with time.

What will I blog about?

  • Health and Living
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Travel and hotels
  • Food products
  • Music
  • Popculture
  • Artwork and social media accounts

With this blog I hope that I start articulating my ideas and suggestions in a better manner. Along the way, I would love to connect with as many people who have different ideas. Despite the fact that I am blogging anonymously, I wish to bring meaningful (maybe not always) experiences through this process. Nonetheless, I do hope this is entertaining for all parties involved.

With this, I start my blogging journey. Cheers!