Top 10 best Subreddits to join

If you’re as big a fan of Reddit as I am or are you just coming across it, these few subreddits are a must to make your reddit browsing the most fulfilling.

Reddit is one of the best sites that can transform itself to anything you like. It can be a personal growth website, or a news website or someplace you just go to browse memes. Subreddits are communities concerned with particular topics you may be interested in, they can be about a million things. There is one subreddit dedicated entirely to chubby cats (r/Chonkers)

Why follow subreddits?

Almost all accounts on Reddit do not associate their real names with the accounts, the anonymity enables you to explore any subreddit that you like. The in depth discussions and with numerous points of view even enables many members to seek advice on subreddits such as r/relationship advice.

Because it is not a social media website, although you still can make friends, you feel free to release your thoughts and content without feeling judged personally. This is one of the many reasons why I love Reddit.

Here are some of my favourite communities you can explore:

  1. r/todayIlearned

Today I learned or TIL for short is where people post facts or observations are are often missed my many of us. You learn new things about a range of topics, here are a few of my favourite TIL posts:

2. r/Showerthoughts

Shower thoughts is for all the mindless but intriguing thoughts one has in the shower. Some are just casual observations but some delve much deeper:

3. r/Animalsbeingjerks

Animal being jerks is maybe my favourite subreddit because it is not only hilarious, but popular with any demographic. I always look at awe how animals being jerks contrasts with their innocence to create perfect entertaining posts such as this cat not allowing anyone to use the ATM

4. r/coolguides

Cool guides is full of informational guides on topics you never knew you needed. Here’s my favourite one:

5. r/Damnthatsinteresting

This is as community that loves to marvel at fascinating finds such as this post:

6. r/wholesomememes

We all look at memes but do any of those make you feel all good and warm inside? Wholesome memes can do just that:

7. r/YouShouldKnow

This community delivers important information that may come handy at some point or just for general betterment of society.

8. r/Unexpected

Unexpected is filled with videos and clips that take a different turn and often a very surprising one. Just like this video of a desk inspection leading to a strange discovery:

9. r/MovieDetails

Movie details is for fans of any film genre who find joy in knowing the nitty gritty of movies that most people just gloss over.

10. r/Eyebleach

Sometimes we all come across things we wish we never saw, eyebleach is the perfect subreddit for these instances. The happy content on this subreddit can make you forget that cringe-worthy thing that you just saw.

I hope these amazing communities encourage you to be a part of reddit if you are not already. But keep in mind that the redditors, despite divided in interests, have certain unspoken rules of using Reddit. After being a member for almost two years I have found that you must avoid using unnecessary emojis in your posts and comments. It is looked down upon those that steal memes from reddit and post them to Instagram and those that repost things that are already popular and not their original content.

During this difficult quarantine time, I hope you find solace in these communities and you feel at home. Have fun!