Best things you can sell on Etsy

Having a creative hobby is not only therapeutic, it can also be profitable. Whether you want a side hustle or just some creative outlet, here are some ideas you can try and possible earn money while doing it as these require very little capital investment.

  • Beaded Jewellery – If you love working with your hands and you love jewellery. you can make anything ranging from earrings, necklaces and bracelets using seed beads. This requires almost no investment and just a little bit of determination and passion for learning. There are thousands of videos on youtube that can teach you easily.
  • Stickers and prints – This requires one to learn digital art and the printing process. most easy sellers use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and then use a cutting machine to cut their unique designs into stickers. Shown below:
  • Dot art – this simple art technique can create amazing and elaborate pieces. you use a tube or a dotting tool to make dots of different sizes and colours with acrylic paint. Although not much difficult to learn, you do require patience to perfect this technique and create unique pieces for your shop.
  • Incense sticks – Natural and handmade incense sticks are great to cleanse the energies of a place and freshen up the atmosphere. You can learn more in this video below:
  • Candles – Candle making gives you a great deal of freedom as you can go in any direction with shapes, colours and scent. It is a fairly easy craft and one you’ll surely have fun pursuing.
  • Soap – soap requires one to learn the saponification process and it can be a learning curve. The process of soap making requires one to be careful when using substances such as lye in the process. Other than that, once you conquer the learning curve, you can reach your full creative potential.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to share and don’t hesitate starting a new project 🙂

Best gifts for friendship’s day

Thispost is about the top gifts you can send to your friends to show them how much you care.

Gone are the days of just tying bands to express you love, as social distancing continues, pick one of these options instead. Click on the pictures for more information.

  • HONOR band 5: this full colour AMOLED touchscreen watch comes with SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) monitor, Music Control, Watch Faces Store and up to 14 Day Battery Life. Get it here:
  • Catan board game: help your friend pass quarantine by engrossing them in this highly competitive board game. get it here:
  • meat up, chicken flavour dog treats. as the famous saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend. treat your little buddy with these biscuits. get them here:
  • Miniso cat ears head wrap: is wrap is not only cute but is the perfect accessory for those with skincare routines and those who adore cats.
  • Ikigai: the Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life: surprise your friends with a calming and refreshing read.
  • Des Tongs Men’s Flip Flops: the key to comfort is good footwear, delight your friends with their most comfortable pair yet

I hope you enjoyed these gift suggestions! Share with your friends if you would like any of these. Goodbye!

Intro to Little Lists

This post explains my motivations to start this blog and what I hope to achieve by writing these posts.

Making lists always have a way of calming me down. It makes me feel that I am prepared and that I am aware of myself. This is my first blog so I have chosen something that I do very often. Whether it is a playlist, top 10 or a best list, I love to organise and sort things. The flow of short passages of sufficient but new information is very pleasing.

I will be researching my topics and suggestions as I aim to provide enough details and particulars about everything I write about. I should add that the Little in Little Lists is just to add a cute flair of alliteration, my lists will be brief but full of needed information. As I am student, its never too bad to polish my research and perception skills.

Why blogging?

  • Because my audience can find new experiences, products or information from reading my blog
  • Because it will help me develop my research and writing skills. I hope it helps me evolve and learn with time.

What will I blog about?

  • Health and Living
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Travel and hotels
  • Food products
  • Music
  • Popculture
  • Artwork and social media accounts

With this blog I hope that I start articulating my ideas and suggestions in a better manner. Along the way, I would love to connect with as many people who have different ideas. Despite the fact that I am blogging anonymously, I wish to bring meaningful (maybe not always) experiences through this process. Nonetheless, I do hope this is entertaining for all parties involved.

With this, I start my blogging journey. Cheers!

Top 10 best Subreddits to join

If you’re as big a fan of Reddit as I am or are you just coming across it, these few subreddits are a must to make your reddit browsing the most fulfilling.

Reddit is one of the best sites that can transform itself to anything you like. It can be a personal growth website, or a news website or someplace you just go to browse memes. Subreddits are communities concerned with particular topics you may be interested in, they can be about a million things. There is one subreddit dedicated entirely to chubby cats (r/Chonkers)

Why follow subreddits?

Almost all accounts on Reddit do not associate their real names with the accounts, the anonymity enables you to explore any subreddit that you like. The in depth discussions and with numerous points of view even enables many members to seek advice on subreddits such as r/relationship advice.

Because it is not a social media website, although you still can make friends, you feel free to release your thoughts and content without feeling judged personally. This is one of the many reasons why I love Reddit.

Here are some of my favourite communities you can explore:

  1. r/todayIlearned

Today I learned or TIL for short is where people post facts or observations are are often missed my many of us. You learn new things about a range of topics, here are a few of my favourite TIL posts:

2. r/Showerthoughts

Shower thoughts is for all the mindless but intriguing thoughts one has in the shower. Some are just casual observations but some delve much deeper:

3. r/Animalsbeingjerks

Animal being jerks is maybe my favourite subreddit because it is not only hilarious, but popular with any demographic. I always look at awe how animals being jerks contrasts with their innocence to create perfect entertaining posts such as this cat not allowing anyone to use the ATM

4. r/coolguides

Cool guides is full of informational guides on topics you never knew you needed. Here’s my favourite one:

5. r/Damnthatsinteresting

This is as community that loves to marvel at fascinating finds such as this post:

6. r/wholesomememes

We all look at memes but do any of those make you feel all good and warm inside? Wholesome memes can do just that:

7. r/YouShouldKnow

This community delivers important information that may come handy at some point or just for general betterment of society.

8. r/Unexpected

Unexpected is filled with videos and clips that take a different turn and often a very surprising one. Just like this video of a desk inspection leading to a strange discovery:

9. r/MovieDetails

Movie details is for fans of any film genre who find joy in knowing the nitty gritty of movies that most people just gloss over.

10. r/Eyebleach

Sometimes we all come across things we wish we never saw, eyebleach is the perfect subreddit for these instances. The happy content on this subreddit can make you forget that cringe-worthy thing that you just saw.

I hope these amazing communities encourage you to be a part of reddit if you are not already. But keep in mind that the redditors, despite divided in interests, have certain unspoken rules of using Reddit. After being a member for almost two years I have found that you must avoid using unnecessary emojis in your posts and comments. It is looked down upon those that steal memes from reddit and post them to Instagram and those that repost things that are already popular and not their original content.

During this difficult quarantine time, I hope you find solace in these communities and you feel at home. Have fun!

Fresh, Organic Produce delivery in India

With the growing shift in sustainable and organic farming, farm to door delivery services for chemical free groceries are popping up.

Today I’m going to list some of these healthy grocery options for those in India craving nutrition dense fruits and vegetables at home. Most of these farms are not limited to growing produce, some even make their own organic ghee, oils, granola and even kombucha.

It is not uncommon to be curious about the journey your food has taken. It is also widespread knowledge now that chemical fertilisers and GMO seeds harm the ecosystem and are not the best for nutritious and green food. We know that artificial additives should be avoided wherever possible. Environment friendly practices are appreciated by many adopting this way of healthier and tastier living.

Most of these green options only deliver to bigger metropolitan cities, but I’m sure with time you will be seeing these services in every city.

I have found these online so I’ll be listing their profiles, in addition is it the preferred way of taking orders for most. I should also make clear that I am not affiliated with these organisations in any way and this post is not sponsored.

Here we go:

Krishi Cress Farm, Delhi NCR

Kaze living, Delhi NCR

Zama organics, Mumbai

Nourish organics, Gurgaon

Nature’s Soul, Delhi NCR


Adya organics, Dehradun


Fresh India organics, Mumbai


Farmonics, Delhi


Out of all this farm fresh food, I am most excited to try organic herbs like basil, micro greens and edible flowers. I hope you enjoy this post, feel free to give feedback and share. Ciao!